My Friends (28)

REV. Arieli Mavil


Chaplain Rebecca Carattini

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, United States

Bishop August S. Francis

Beaumont, TX, United States

Anthony Michael Utsey

Charlotte, North Carolina, United…

Brandon W. Doom

Mayfield, KY, United States

Bishop Terall Kelly

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Ato Forson

Via Parchitiello 38,Giugliano -…

Bobby Sutton

Gardendale, AL, United States

Apostle Blossom Brackman

Leesport, PA, United States



Bro Tommy Baker

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Bishop James Hamilton

Port Orange, FL, United States

Carl indoc

Bais, Philippines

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About AOCI

The AOCI exists as a fellowship of Spirit-filled Evangelical and Jewish Clergy for the purpose of: 1) Exalting God 2) Fellowshiping and 3) Divine Networking.

We do NOT advise, nor do we seek, to bring members out of their current denomination or ministerial association. We seek to have a platform to UNITE the Clergy of the world in ways that can benefit not only the Kingdom of God, but also the men and women who faithfully serve their communities, one another, and God.

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