AOCP - Association of Church Protection

The Association of Church Protection (AOCP) is founded to help Churches set up their own Volunteer Security Team. Prov. 2:11-12

žWith Crime on the rise and mass shootings increasing such as the NC Church shooting in 2015 that left 9 people dead.  One week before the Las Vegas Shooting there was an active shooter situation that resulted in one member dead as well as other wounded in Tennessee and of course the largest active shooter situation in US history on Oct 1 in Las Vegas that left 50+ dead and 500+ wounded, and the shooting at a small church in south Texas Nov. 2017, the church is beginning to recognize they are vulnerable and exposed.  Many churches want to form a Volunteer Security team but feel burdened by the costs and do not have the knowledge to train their volunteer security team.  Now the church can set up their volunteer security team ministry and the AOCP is here to help.

A study of active shooter situations by the FBI from year 2000-2013 found that a total of 3.8% of these situations involved "Houses of Worship".  

Church Protection Options (methods):

1. Hire off-duty Local Law Enforcement   (Cost are up to $60 per hour).

2. Hire Private Security Officer  (Cost are up to $50 per hour). 

3. The Church can operate under a “Letter of Authority” through their state (depending on state), (Cost is up to $1,000 per year.  Liability falls on the Church

4. Set up a Volunteer Security Ministry (Protection and Safety Team).  Cost is the most affordable and this ministry remains inside the church.  Now the church can depend on the AOCP to help them set up this special protection ministry.  No one will ever care for your church more than you and your members but they must be Trained and Supported.  $250 set up fee (includes live training with manuals for all members) plus $50 membership fee per year which includes on-going coaching, development and support. IMPORTANT:  This program is ONLY offered to houses of worship and ministries in the state of Texas. 

Contact us to set up a time for a free consultation and Threat Assessment.  Email us at 

God bless you as you take control of protecting your church.  As Christian leaders we must pray and have faith in the LORD's protection, but we must also do all we can humanly possible to protect our flock. 

Dr. Henry Vazquez, President/Founder of the AOCP – Association of Church Protection

  • Commissioned Private Security & Personal Protection Officer. Level III & IV 
  • Private Investigator
  • Combat Veteran in the US Army, Airborne Infantry, Artillery.  Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  Qualified Expert in many weapons from pistol through TOW gunner.  
  • First Aid Certified  
  • OSA – Occupational Skills Achievement from Tarrant Country College in Security Management & Operations
  • CAPA – Clergy and Police Alliance with the FT. Worth, TX Police Department
  • International Federation of Christian Chaplains 
  • Bachelors, Masters, and Doctor of Theology. 
  • President/Founder of the AOCI/ABTI, Association of Clergy International, AOCI Bible Training Institute, and General Overseer of Credentialed AOCI members and AOCP (primary instructor).
  • NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor.
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  Works with the largest Firearms Range Chain in the State of Texas.
  • Level III and IV (Armed Body Guard( Private Security and Firearms Instructor through the Texas Private Security Bureau. 
  • License to Carry a Gun (CHL) and License to Carry Instructor through the Dept. of Public Safety in TX.
  • Owner of NTX Security & Defense which provides Armed Security, Bodyguard (Executive Protection) and Private Investigation.  The company is licensed, registered, and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.  NTX Security & Defense


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