Executive Board & Ministerial Advisor Members
Association of Clergy International - A.O.C.I.

Dr. Henry Vazquez, Texas, USA — President/Founder/General Overseer of  Association of Clergy International – AOCI and AOCI Bible Training Institute – ABTI

Dr. David G. Lion, WI, USA — Vice President & Treasurer of the AOCI

Rev. Miriam Martinez, Texas, USA  — Senior Executive Director of the AOCI

Dr. Kim Vazquez, Texas, USA  — Executive Credential Director 

Rev. Joel Martinez, Texas, USA  — Executive Director of the AOCI


Ministerial Advisors for the Association of clergy International

Dr. Mynor Vargas, Rhode Island, USA — Ministerial Advisor.
Senior Pastor for Shalom Christian Church, President of the International  Federation of Christian Chaplains, President of the Board of Regents and      CEO of Crown Theological Seminary of New England, and President and      General Overseeing Presiding Bishop of the International Consortium

Rev. Miriam Vega, Texas, USA — Ministerial Advisor.
Director of Single Woman's Ministries, Bible Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor,  Treasurer, Youth and Children's Ministries

Rev. Irina Cristea, United Kingdom — Facebook Administrator Founder and President of The International Born-Again Revival Fellowship.

Dr. Charles Louis-Egbuchiem, Senior International Advisor for Africa, Enugu, Nigeria — Chaplain Lieutenant-General of the International Rescue Mission, Nigeria; Deputy Chairman of PFN (Enugu-East chapter) and African Regional Coordinator of Hope for Africa Ministries International (New Zealand)

Pastor Benjamin Sterling Edwards, International Advisor for Northwestern Africa. New York, USA and Accra, Ghana — Founder and Director of International Center for Christian Fellowship located in Syracure and Binghamton, NY.  Also serving on the Board of Directors of Apostolic Faith Christian Ministries overseeing Africa.


Dr. Henry Vazquez, President/Founder of ABTI, Professor of Systematic Theology

Dr. Denis O'Callaghan, Professor of Biblical Languages & Historical Christianity

Dr. Michael John Shanlian, Professor of Christian Counseling, Leadership, Apologetics


Pastor Ato Forson, Senior Certified Instructor and Affiliated Bible Institute/College, Italy

Dr. Charles Lamptey, Certified Instructor and Affiliated Bible Institute/College, Germany

Dr. Leslie Johnny, Certified Instructor and Affiliated Bible Institute/College, New York



AOCI-Dr. Henry Vazquez

916 Virginia Lane

Saginaw, TX  76179-0976

Email:  info@aoci.info  


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Comment by Katherine Purvis on March 10, 2020 at 12:30pm

I can't seem to find a main number for the association

Comment by Dr. Kim Vazquez, Credential Dir. on September 11, 2019 at 7:24pm

Hello Dr. Jenkins.  First we are praying for you.  The ABTI is for AOCI Members and NON members alike.  As long as they enroll and get accepted, anyone in the world can go through the institute.  We have three levels plus a Christian Ministry level.  Like you, we do not charge a fee but students who complete the course have the option at ordering the diploma.  In addition, we have added a Bachelor of Ministry Degree.  You can read more about the requirements by clicking on the words at the very top of this website titled "Bible Training Institute".  So as you can see, anyone who is accepted can go through the ABTI courses.  You can add our link to your program if you want.  Remember to have your students fill out the enrollment form.  

Thanks for your inquiry and we will continue to lift you up in prayer.  Blessing. 

Comment by Dr. Terrance Jenkins on August 14, 2019 at 9:55am

Dr. Henry,

I do not see any connection with Canada for ministers or Training Institute. I established Montreal School of Ministry back in 2009 and connected with the EOCPC as well as the Canadian Christian Theological Seminary for the purpose of offering a degree program to our students here. Thus far we have graduated well over 300 students from the Associate to Doctorate level. We do not charge for the courses but we charge a graduation fee.

How may we connect with you or is it even possible to do so as it would give our students more available courses to choose from. Presently, we have about 100 courses. 

Thanks for the info.

Dr. Terrance Jenkins

Comment by Anthony Gregory Glasgow on February 14, 2019 at 6:56pm

I have not been here for quite some time, reason being that I am now using my other email address

Comment by Dr. Henry, President of the AOCI on October 30, 2017 at 2:40pm

Yes, you may use the ABTI course, materials, exams, and answer key.  We have authorized ABTI Instructors who chose to include there Bible Training Center name on the official certificate.  These Instructors and their Bible Schools are Affiliates of the ABTI.  Once students complete the course they can order the beautiful Diploma of Ministerial Studies and Christian Ministry Diploma for $75 (USD).  Usually it is handled by the head instructor in one transaction via our paypal secure button on the website once the students complete the course.  Feel free to Friend Pastor Ato Forson who is one of our ABTI approved Instructors for more insight in how he is running it.  He does a great job and has about multiple classes graduating each year with about 30-40 students.  Blessings. 

Comment by Pastor Moises Figueroa, DBS on October 30, 2017 at 7:54am

Good morning Dr. Vazquez, and all leadership at AOCI. I am thinking on starting a new Bible training center here in South Florida. Is there any possibility we may use AOCI Bible Institute material to do it? Or to use AOCI Bible Institute here? 

God bless.

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