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Everything has a purpose in creation.

     I am as a Christian Freelance Writer, I am going to show you what is the purpose of everything and there is a purpose in everything around us and we see them in our own eyes. Almighty God has created everything for His pleasure and we live in and enjoy God’s creation, we must acknowledge it that we must remember we have not created anything. He has created everything around us and we use all His creation for our daily life. Let’s say we are living…


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Once again, Israel's capital, the city in which God chose to dwell, was in Jewish hands.

Once again, Israel's capital, the city in which God chose to dwell, was in Jewish hands.

"You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain of Your possession; LORD, You have prepared a place for Your dwelling; Lord, Your hands have established the sanctuary."  (Exodus 15:17)

Jerusalem is central to end-time prophecy.

The Bible says that in the last days, the nations will come…


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Manifestation of your Prayer?

Manifestation of your Prayer?

I am as a Christian Freelance Writer, it is so good to be free to write an article to inspire some Christian Believers about how to get answer of their Prayers:

How to get manifestation of your Prayer?

It looks like everyone is asking this question and everybody is struggling and trying hard to get answer from the Lord Jesus.

 What is manifestation of…


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"Importance of Forgiveness" Recovery Program Begins May 13, 2018! Session 1 - Explanation & Introduction

The “AWM  Importance  of  Forgiveness  Recovery  Program”  is a 7-week Program, adapted from Dr. Art Mathias’ book, …


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When Saying You Are Sorry…Is not Enough!

My Heavenly Father please care and empower those who have suffered losses, while aiding us as a community to understand what our roles and our responsibilities are for those who yet remain. Amen.

In my quiet time, I entertained series of personal introspective thoughts which caused me to demand answers to many very real and pressing realities that deeply troubled me as a human; a father, a man, a citizen of the United States of America, and finally, as a man of…


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BAMIDBAR (In the Wilderness)

Numbers 1:1–4:20; Hosea 1:10– 2:20 [2:1–2:22 in Hebrew Bible]; Romans 15:1–7

“Adonai spoke to Moses in the Sinai Desert [Bamidbar].” (Numbers 1:1)

The fourth of the five books of Moses, Bamidbar, which means in the desert or wilderness. While this name is taken from the fifth Hebrew word in verse one, it reflects one of…


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The Lens of Grace

Not only do humans find freedom, restorative healing, and liberty in The Messiah, the Holy Scriptures are the divine source to seek and rediscover our stolen true identities. Here we all will discover that three major factors contribute to our identities if not designs: How the Creator design us, how human culture shapes and molds us and the distortion that sin plays in our human experience.…


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"Mark 16:15, Acts 8:4)

1. We believe that the purpose in which believer is being saved is not just to make heaven, but to lead others to come with them to heaven

2. Every believer is a missionary wherever they are and whoever they may be. For God strategically placed each of us on planet-earth for a purpose

3. God has prepared your church as a home for…


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