To all my fellow spiritual believers at this end time; I would like to just hint over situation we start seeing as an open to our outer eyes. Now when it comes time of National election in any Countries, there comes some forces that are active within the families, communities, and entire Nation more and more. These kind of spiritual forces do affect both physical and spiritual in entire human living condition at our time. Many times most of the believers got confused or taking sides or even give wrong comments or have bitterness/malise gossipers/hating, the love/unity become stagnant and grows cold, and above all the believers prayer lives goes-down (Ephesians 6:12). I believe that we are so called the followers of Christ all over the World, we, whichever situation or condition arround us, we need to be strongly in prayer and fasting, firmly in the word (2Chronicle 20:15-17) without taking side, but depend on the Holy Spirit direction. We are to remember that when the Church (believers in Christ Jesus) stand right/firm/truthful/honest/faithful with all good moral life, strongly grounded in God's ways (living life worth of repentant), then the entire Nation is able to be turned by God toward Him as we read in Daniel chapter 3 & 6. The first Church turned the whole World upsidedown because they had a constant forcursed unto Christ alone > Hebrews 12:2. It is my encouragement to all my fellow brethren, please join me in this race > Ephesians 6:10-18. may God bless you all.

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