GIANT-VIEW *********

I SAMUEL 17 : 1 - 11.

The Philistines gathered their armies together
to battle against Saul and the men of Israel;
Battles were not new to Saul or the men of Israel.
They were ready to fight;
But, suddenly the confidence and courage became
doubt and despair!
The reason?
The Giant Goliath!
This one giant was sufficient enough to mock the
entire army of Israel;The size and the challenge!
Even though men of Israel were warriors, they were
not having any strategy to challenge Goliath;
In fact, they were dismayed and greatly afraid!

Dear friends,
Even in our life, some times GOD permits the giant to
challenge us; we get confused; fear grips our heart;
Like the Israelites, we become passive; our courage
and confidence vanish; thousands of questions assail
us; pseudo-guilt and inferiority complex embrace us;
slowly we try to join the group of 'hurt and retired'.

Our past achievements, accomplishments and victories
are not giving us any clue to handle this giant;
In despair we cry ' why LORD, why?'.
We give up, surrender ourselves to the enemy and quit!

But, come to the other side and view the scene!
At least three truths emerge from that scenario!

1. The challenge of the giant helps us to identify our
hidden talent;

See, David used slingshots to kill animals but never
tried that on giants. The appearance of the giant
gave David an opportunity to ' test drive' his skill
on the giant.

2. The challenge of the giant exposes and advertises
your uniqueness to your friends and enemies;

See, the uniqueness of David got noticed by his
people and by the philistines on that day!

3. The challenge of the giant indirectly helps us to gain
victory without any damage or loss to our side;

See, in any battle there will be some deaths and injuries;
but, in the above mentioned battle, Israel won without
losing even a single soldier, thanks to the giant!

Or in other words, whenever GOD wants to give
victory without even a slightest damage to us, HE
will permit the giant to challenge us!

Facing a giant? Perplexed? ready to quit?
Wait Please!
Have a giant-view!
Humble yourself in the sight of the LORD and ask HIM
to reveal your hidden talent and uniqueness!
Remember, you are the apple of HIS eye;
Do you think that HE will permit a giant to challenge
you just to crush you?
No, HE wants us to have victory; no loss or damage!
Come on, Take your sling and stones!

( JEREMIAH 12 : 5 ).

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