Catch A vision where God wants you to be .

After the completion of Disney world, someone remarked, “Isn’t it too bad that Disney didn’t live to see this?” .Mike Vance, Director of Disney studious replied “he did see it! And this is here’.

Vision is the ability to see those things which do not exist as a reality. The word ‘vision” is a seeing word a combination of insight and foresight. According to Andy Stanley ‘vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that is should be ’Visioneering .. Vision helps us to see what could be in the future what others do not see.
Important of Vision.
Leadership begins when a vision is born. True ministry begins with vision. Vision is a great motivator. A church or organization can not outgrow its vision. It helps one to know what God has called him to do. It also establishes priorities. Moses received a vision to lead people to the promise land but until he communicated that vision to the people, they could not see it and had no hope.
Birth of a Vision.
Vision birthed out of Pain. This is what happened in the life of Nehemiah. He himself wrote that “when I heard this “.I sat down and wept” Neh.1.4.Heard that the wall and gates of Jerusalem had been destroyed and there was great trouble and disgrace for the city.Neh.1.3.The pain led him to pray ,fast and mourn before the God of heaven until God births in him a vision to see the beautiful city of God rebuilt.
His vision was not as simple as rebuilding the wall and the gates.
The vision was greater than that .the vision was to see the glory and honor of god restored among the nations and to see the people return to Jerusalem from the corners of the earth. It created a passion for action within the life of Nehemiah.

Enlarge your vision mission.
Vision is birthed similarly in our lives too. There is a point of pain and needs that arises and cuts our heart. What pain you? .What pains your church ?. The unfortunate state of many churches and their leaders that nothing pains them. This is what we isolate ourselves from the pains and needs of those who are struggling for a glimpse of hope, purpose and love. What about the unchurchedflock. Do you ever think that time is too over that catch a vision in your life?. One day Jesus asked his disciples “ Lift their eyes and look at the fields” John.4.35.We need to enlarge our vision by knowing the lands and nations around you .We too just like to disciples of Jesus sometime that waiting with wrong understanding of harvest, there are still four months for harvest but Jesus, the Lord of harvest said the fields are already white for harvest.

Are you ready to catch a vision about the harvest fields that are already white for harvest. The GOD of harvest is still in pain because harvest fields that are white for harvest. He is still seeking some one to come for harvesting and may be you. Do you ready to take such a responsibility? Let our heart be broken by the things that break the heart of our God.
Missions Asia is the fellowship of harvesters and since 1995. but we now feel that laborers are a few and need more and more laborers to finish the harvest because work is truly great .Luk.10.2. He heard the echo of Jesus word to pray to the Lord of harvest to send out laborers to harvest field. And we are very sure that our prayers are never be in vain but it is power enough to raise up more laborers from across the world.

Laboring together the time as this.


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