Greetings in the name of Jesus, today I come you with so much love in my heart for you. You know in life we go threw many things. Things that make us laugh, make us angry, make us learn, confuse us, things we learn from. We meet many people some we forget about some there's no way we can forget about. Life throws us curve balls like no other. I recently learned that all the life experiences that I have been threw was to get me to you. To let you know what love is, to let you know who God is. What Jesus came to do. Experiences that taught me what to do and what not to do. So I could share with you how to survive them. I thought about it. And you know I have had some horrible experiences, but when I learned why I went threw them, I wept because I know how I felt when I went threw them. I know how it felt when I was all alone had no one, or when I lost everyone I ever loved. Or when someone broke my heart cause they didn't care if they broke me or not. I thought about getting hit by the car and being in Icu for sometime all alone. I remember how I felt then. I remember when some talked crap I almost lost my family. I remember how I felt. I thought about how I felt when I was in a hole and no one around how I wept. I remember how I felt when I realized I was despised and not loved. I remember when I walked down the street with my head hanging low so that no one would recognize me. I remember walking down the street it pouring down rain snow ice no one stopped to offer me a ride. When my own flesh and blood looked me in the eyes and kept driving when it was sleeting so heavy. I remember when all the churches wont allow me in cause they thought I was crazy. I remember. I think to myself I have to experience this so I can tell you its ok. I think I had to experience this so I can tell you your loved by God when no one would tell me. I had to experience this so I can be here for you when no one was for me. Am I angry that I had to experience this NO. Because I remember how I felt when it happen to me. I would never ever want anyone have to go threw what I went threw. So if I have to tell you every day of my life I love you I will do it. If I have to tell you every day of my life about Jesus I will. If I have to tell you every day your not alone and everything is going to be ok I will. Because I love you. I don't want you to cry or to hurt no matter what I hurt when you hurt I cry when you cry I feel alone when you feel alone. For the rest of my life loving all of you I will. Its going to be ok, why because God said it would. Know your not alone I am here with you. You know I do these post as if when I go to sleep it might be my long sleep I want to make sure that when I lay my head down and sleep I did everything I could to keep you knowing about God, I did everything I could to let you know Jesus loves you. So tonight when I sleep I will sleep with peace knowing that all the life experiences I went threw was to bring me to you right here right now. I will sleep with peace in my heart and mind because God brought me here to love you. God bless I love you all Good night

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