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Sometimes, we look for signs from God, or other things to prove He is with us but it is not needful. God spoke to me and told me, I didn’t need a sign to let me know He was with me; I just had to believe He is with me. When we believe before we see, our faith will grow; and what we are believing God for, will manifest. Remember, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of THINGS HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1)!

Even when I don't have a sign or feel or see Him, I still know God is with me, working in my life, and on my behalf because God said He would never leave me, nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5)! That is standing on His promises!

We need to get rid of old, religious ideologies and take God out the box! For centuries we have thought God moved only a certain way and then we think He will move the same way all the time! NO! God is BIGGER than that! We CANNOT put God in a box; we MUST take Him out the box, and think outside the box, to really see God move in our lives! We MUST break free from foolishness, and let God be God; THEN He WILL change our lives forever! WE MUST STOP looking at God with our own corrupt senses, and ask Him to reveal His TRUE self to us; otherwise, we will NEVER see or know the REAL God!

WE MUST STOP perceiving God to be one way, when He really is not; this is caused by us NOT REALLY knowing who God is, NOT REALLY knowing who Jesus is, and NOT REALLY knowing who Holy Spirit is!! I not talking about three different people, I am talking about One God, Three distinct characteristics – God as Father, God as Son (Jesus), God as Holy Spirit. Not only do we need to know God, but we need to know who Jesus and Holy Spirit is too – Holy Trinity (Holy Trinity: Kenneth Copeland Ministry; Deeper Teaching).

Let us throw out OUR perception of God and REALLY get to know Him, by seeking His face! Having our own perception of God, causes us to lean to our own understanding and NOT acknowledge God - we think it is God that is leading us, but it is NOT; we are leading ourselves! Let's ask God to open the eyes of our hearts, so we can REALLY see Him, in the fullness of His glory!

Let's begin our journey TODAY of seeking to know who God really is and decide to lose our perception of Him; of what He will and will not do, or the way He moves in our lives!

Let’s pray (I am not praying to three Persons, but to ONE God, three distinct C...).

Father, I thank You for taking the veil off our faces, and the scales from our eyes, and do whatever else in us You need to do, so we can REALLY KNOW You, KNOW Jesus, and KNOW Holy Spirit – One God, three distinct characteristics! Clean the clutter from our minds so we can focus on You and hear You, when You speak to us!

Father, we desire and pray, what Paul desired in Philippians 3:10, we want to know Jesus and the Power of His resurrection Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of His sufferings, and be conformed to His death.

Holy Spirit, help us to be more like Jesus, wash us, regenerate us, renew us afresh, create in us a CLEAN heart, and renew a right spirit within us! Holy Spirit, clean our souls from ALL trauma, ALL hurt, ALL pain, and ALL dysfunctions, that are keeping our flesh alive and hindering us from allowing You, to lead us in the right way to go! Clean the junk out of our souls!

Holy Spirit, we surrender our lives to God, we surrender our lives to Jesus, and we surrender our lives to You; lead us in the way we should go! Do in us EVERYTHING that needs to be done, so we can walk out the purpose, that God has called us to walk! 

Thank You Father for hearing our cry to know You, to know Holy Spirit, and to know Jesus, so You can do what needs to be done in us, so we will be obedient to You, and finish strong, our courses You called us to finish!

Our lives are in Your Hands Father and we trust You wholeheartedly, to do what is best for us, in EVERY circumstance! We will not panic when things happen to shake us, because our trust is completely in You!

We thank You Father, for doing what needs to be done for us, and in us, in Your time, and in Your way! We ask this in Jesus' Mighty Name, and thanking You in advance for doing it! Amen!

Click here for PDF version of “Faith On Trial – Part 3”

Click here for PDF version of “Faith On Trial – Part 2”

Click here for PDF version of “Faith On Trial – Part 1”


Click here for Complete PDF version of “Faith On Trial"

I pray this teaching will be a blessing to you; that God use it to help open your understanding of faith, in all aspects. God’s blessings to you all and your families.

In His Service,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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