Please allow me to say that it is an honor and a privilege to serve God, the Father and His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ alongside you in these last days! It is no mistake that for a time and season, for a day and hour we have been called, appointed, commissioned and anointed to finish this race and the ministry given unto us before the foundations of the world!

My desire in this blog post is to speak unto you as a pastor, bishop, co-laborer and friend. Friend…a word that has lost meaning and force in our days and times; so I don’t speak the word…friend, as it is now spoken, but I say…friend as in the meaning and true sense of the word…friend in a covenant relationship!

You see in covenant and as friend’s I rejoice when you rejoice, I weep when you weep, your needs are my needs. I suffer afflictions, persecutions, bonds, as being with you in those same afflictions, persecutions and bonds. We laugh together, cry together, and go into and through together! Our churches and ministries go, grow, build, succeed together; we are joined at the hip…we are bone of bone, flesh or flesh! We stand, we fight, we win not being two but being one…one in Christ, one in blood, one in the Name of Jesus…with one purpose, one mind, one heart…”one Lord, one faith, one baptism”!

Being in this covenant relationship, I wish to share our heart with you on the “move of God” that is in the earth realm today, present and progressing to a finish…it is the beginning of the move of the Spirit of God in the greatest harvest and in-gathering of souls that has ever hit this planet! We say “souls”, for God is not remotely interested in “church membership”, but He has been and always will be after souls. Jesus didn’t come, suffered, bleed and died…and yes, rose again for “members” in the sense of “nickels”, “noses”, and “numbers”. Those things might interest us, or should I say interested us in past tense, but now the “interest” of God has and is our main focus and primary cause and reason to be!

Recently I have had the honor and privilege to spend time with and minister alongside the Archbishop and General Overseer of the Pentecostal Methodist Evangelical Church, Apostle Andrew T. Holtz. We saw God move…did you catch that… I said “saw” God move in four services in three states in two weeks. The Sovereign Lord sent “fire revival”, saving, healing, delivering, confirming and challenging! 


I must admit that in the past few months, really since the ending/beginning of 2010/2011, I have been caught in an exciting life changing and anointed "flow". That prophetic, creative, teaching desire...passion, thought...motivation, inspiration has been renewed and strengthen in my life in a way that rivals the days of my early ministry and those days and times I ministered at the prisons.

Please let me share this…hear my heart, I realized then, as I do now, that walking in the Spirit, living that high life isn't something you do just on days of service or study, but truly everyday you and I can be on a mission for God in that we are obeying, seeking and fulfilling that Great Commission given as the marching order and a standing command that could be lived and experienced every day.

We should and can everyday create with the words of our mouths relational divine moments of opportunity to minister to people everywhere and anywhere we go by simple allowing God, the Holy Spirit to minister, walk, and talk in us, to us and through us to that man, woman, child, brother, sister, friend, acquaintance, whomever!

Outreach, evangelism, discipleship that is the mode and method we as this “last” church ought to be following everyday; this was and is the life and ministry of Jesus Christ! The "first" church did this; they preached Christ and Him crucified! They lived so much by the example of Jesus that they were called “little Christ’s” (Christians)! And because they died to self and selfish ambitions, because they lived and walked in their new nature choosing not to live and walk anymore after the nature and character of Satan, they in their lifetimes “turned the world” upside down! And they did it with all of the modern advances, books, bibles, commentaries, etc we have today. They had that same Word and that same Spirit and those same promises we have today, and daily thousands were added to the church!

This "fire" revival will sweep over neighborhoods, communities, cities, regions, nations and around the world. Millions, if not billions will hear, some for the first time "this" Gospel of the Kingdom...and then as the Lord said in Matthew 24:14...then the end shall come.

Right now, where you are and as a point of contact, and if you agree...let this letter be our touching and agreeing connection! Proclaim with me, “Let the fire fall”! Lord, use me to turn this world (locally and globally) upside down! Let the fire fall! As I go, everywhere making disciples of the nations...let the fire fall!

And the Lord went with them confirming the word with miracles, signs and wonders! Heal the sick...raise the dead...cast out devils!


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Comment by Rev. Dr. William Kaberle,Ph.D. on May 27, 2011 at 8:47pm

A great Word from God Almighty, brother. I am in total agreement with you and your message. Keep the coals alive and the fire will not be consumed . Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


In Jesus name,


Dr. William Kaberle

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