Getting to The Root of Our Problem: Sickness - Session 11 - Part C

II. Fear: A Hindrance – Session 11 - Part C

6. How to be Freed – Session 11 – Part C

Would you like to be set free from fear? Are you ready to take responsibility for your freedom by fighting the good fight of faith – being God’s Word? Are you willing to invest in yourself so you can become totally free from fear? Are you ready to allow God to do in you, what needs to be done? If your answer is “Yes” to these questions, here are the things you would do, to become totally free from fear; we will deal with the root causes of fear in “Part III: Toxic Emotions.”

*Make a list of specific fears, that are tormenting you -

 click here for a full list of fears and prayer to pray against the ....

*Repent! Ask God to forgive you for each fear on your list; for allowing fear to put you in bondage.

*Pray the Prayer against the spirit of fear for each fear on your list; commanding each fear to go in the Name of Jesus! The Prayer is a suggested prayer so always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, while you are praying.

*Ask the Holy Spirit to heal your heart from the effects fear had on you and tell you His truth, concerning the things you feared. On the fear list, there is a space for you to write what the Holy Spirit told you.

That is it! Congratulations! You are free from fear! Remember, the devil does not give up, he just goes away for a season and then he returns. But you cannot give up either; you must be relentless about your deliverance from fear! It the fears tries to come back in ANY form, DO NOT allow them back. Pray against them every time; don’t hesitate. Always guard your heart and be careful of what you say, hear, or see. Ask Holy Spirit to give you His gift of discernment – watch as well as pray! This ends this Part on “Fear;” the next part will be “Part III: Toxic Emotions.”

Click the links below for more resources on fear:

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God’s Perfect Love: NO MORE FEAR!!!

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Click here for PDF version of S11 Part C

Click here for Healing Prayer for 7-8-17

God bless you all,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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