Helping the Poor----Is it biblically Wrong (or) Right?

POOR…Oh! This word creates anger, madness, disrespect and we immediately pass on a very Poor judgment on that person and name him (or) her “Poor Mouthed”, the cursed and the lazy lots. And we  also immediately start “MINISTERING FROM THE WORD”, with authority. We naturally disrespect such people and cut off all our association with them.

Jesus, SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, however, taught in three or four instances   made it a LAW, that alms must be given and the poor must be helped. You will be shocked to find out that unless you and I give our all ---First—to the poor, HE WOULD NOT SIMPLY ALLOW US TO FOLLOW HIM. Before I give you the Details, I want you to understand the following:

1. Tithing…..This purely belongs to your local church, where you,

    Give thanks to the Lord and Offer it on the altar.

2. Mission Support: The Lord has raised many mission agencies

    And perhaps your church may have a separate mission

    And you are encouraged to give mission support.

3. Alms to the Poor: “Poorness” is biblical. It is not totally a

    Curse (or) retribution of sin, though it is in some cases.  Early

    Christians were poor out of circumstances. Severe persecution

    Drove them to persecution and they were living in hiding for

    Months and years. Some were excommunicated form their

    Community and society. They were in need. Unemployment

    in a country, region, lack of rain causing poverty, tragedies can

    drive families to poverty.

    And for this reason, Apostle Paul collected alms and donations

    From churches and individuals and helped the “ Poor Christian


    And I do praise the Lord for the hundreds of churches and

    millions of individuals who are obedient to the teaching of their

    master and give liberally to many nations, whom they have

    never seen (or) expected a reward. They did it in good faith on

    their Heavenly Father.

Jesus was teaching every one of His followers to be very sensitive to the poor.

In Mt:6:2-4. Alms should be given to the poor. Do not let any one even to that you are helping a poor. Do it secretly. Let not your left hand know what your right hand does. “THE FATHER WHO SEES IT SECRETLY” will REWARD YOU PUBLICALLY.


Why don’t people give? They discuss it with their left hand! This means they calculate and count it as a “LOSS” with their heard earned money or goods! They would rather believe the lies of Satan instead of Believing in the living Christ!

In. LK. 14:16-24, where a certain man made a “Great Supper” and invited many dignitaries.

1. The first one to make excuse to avoid this great supper was a

     Real-Estate business man. He argued, that he invested lots of

     Money and bought a piece of land and wanted to go and see

     It. Would any one visit their land during the supper

     Time? almost in the night?

2.  The 2nd one said, that he has newly purchased five yoke of

     Oxen and wanted to have a trial and must be excused.

     Would any one plough their land during the supper

     Time? almost in the night?

3.  The third one said, that “he married a wife” and could not

     Come! Would any one loose their supper and please

     A wife?

They all made excuses and so the Host commanded his men to (Vs)".....GO OUT QUICKLY in to the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and he blind" that my house may be full!

IN Luke.18: 22

Jesus was discussing with a Young Ruler who wanted to follow Jesus! Jesus told him this: , "Yet lackest   thou one thing: SELL ALL THAT THOU HAST, AND DISTRIBUTE IT UNTO THE POOR, AND THOU SHALT HAVE TREASURES IN HEAVEN: AND COME AND FOLLOW ME" And we read in Luke that his man went away very sorrowful, because very rich.  Beware! Jesus is very Costly and this means that YOU LOOSE ALL so that you may gain all with a heavenly reward. Many go sorrowful!


And the poor follow Jesus happily and Jesus is happy with them, because HE IS THEIR ALL! Amen! OH! THE BLESSEDNESS OF BEING POOR! BECAUSE OF JESUS! They are the true followers of Jesus! To the poor the Gospel was preached!

What more explanation we need from men? If people REFUSE to serve and PROVIDE TO meet the needs of the poor then they Spiritually lack something. JESUS WOULD ONLY SAY DO NOT FOLLOW ME! The true followers therefore serve the poor and it is His will that "HIS HOUSE BE FULL WITH SUCH PEOPLE.

WHY SHOULD ONE BEG FROM YOU, IF YOU FULFILL YOUR SPIRITUAL OBLIGATION TAUGHT BY THE "HEAD OF THE CHURCH" Only the well from which we pump water daily produces pure and healthy water. And think of a "Well" from where people draw no water and it will only stink and soon people will close the well!

Amen! If you are moved with the Compassion of Jesus Christ, Then Provide for the needy! is doing that and Molly and I by His grace and do it every day to someone! with what we have.



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Comment by Sis Ann Brown on July 20, 2012 at 10:25pm

Looks you are doing a great work where YHWH has planted you.
May you be blessed to increase the number of people you serve, and to whom you bring the Gospel of Jesus/Yahshua our Messiah.

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