It Is Time To Show That Our God Is Real !

Do you believe in the power of God? Do you believe in the power held by those in
authority positions within the body of Christ? How about the power even found in
a newly reborn Christian? Spiritual power and the ability to move mountains are
promised to all that serve Jesus and believe. But how many of our spiritual
leaders are either afraid or simply unaware of this promised power? For
what-ever reason we hear many vain words, with no real power to save souls, heal
or deliver. The thought of engaging in real spiritual warfare is much like a
movie to them – simply not real. Without this spiritual power wouldn't that
body already be dead spiritually? Perhaps that is why our youth are searching
for it somewhere else.

I say this due to what is happening in our modern society. I notice that there
things that are capturing the attention of our youth and adults alike. Such
things as, warm romantic vampires or nice fluffy werewolves fill their minds.
Children considered Demigods and full of power. Movies full of witchcraft and
spell casting intrigue the minds of searching souls. With all this we can see
one thing, and that is simply our youth and even adults are searching for
something more than they see in their present world. The hope and inspiration
that could be found in being something more than they normally see, in their
everyday mortal lives. Holding the power to possibly make their lives just a
little more special.

As leaders in the body of Christ we teach and preach of having such power. It
is promised to us as children of the "most high God". But how many, actually see
this power happening in our churches? Do people in the church body still believe
in such power or is it considered much like folk lore or fairly tales. Is it
because many are afraid of what people would say or is it that their spiritual
walks have disabled this power and they really don't want people to see this, so
they just don't bring it up? They teach it, but don't practice it. Leaders,
people see this. They hear us in our sermons of granting deliverance and
healing. They hear of the power to cast out demons and to command things into
place for the purposes of God. They hear that through the blood of Jesus we can
approach the throne room of God and shake the ground at our enemy's feet. The
thing is my friends – they need to also see it.

In 2 Tim 3:5 we read about the people or church bodies that fit into this
category. It reads "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:
from such turn away" This scripture is telling us that the power of God is real,
and we are to use it .Those that will not – we are to leave them. What is all of
this saying? It is saying that we as Christians need to get deeper into what God
has to offer us. It means that God wants to enable us to move those mountains
and cast down those devils, but he wants to work through us. He wants our
leaders to step out and to not be afraid of persecution and ridicule. He wants
to be able to show himself in our services and in our lives, but we need to
accept all of him and all he has to offer us. There are forces out there taking
our children spiritually. Its time to get back to our roots, and show people our
God is real.

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