The chief end of man is to glorify God in worship and in dedicated service. The primary ministry of the church is public worship. In worship man receives vision, inspiration, guidance, and strength for living the dedicated life. Worship is both private and corporate. The individual Christian brings his own contribution to corporate worship and in turn receives additional edification and strength from his fellow worshipers.

In the Bible, worship is presented as the disciplined activity of God's people as they adore him and celebrate his acts in history. Although worship is a direct conscious experience between God and man, this experience is mediated to man through his words and his actions. Man responds with words and acts through a certain orderliness in public worship.


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The AOCI exists as a fellowship of Spirit-filled Evangelical and Jewish Clergy for the purpose of: 1) Exalting God 2) Fellowshiping and 3) Divine Networking.

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