Please Pray for my ministry in Bangladesh

 I was born into a Muslim family in 1971.

When I was young, in 1984, I received the Gospel from an Evangelist I met While I was traveling. I met the evangelist, from Dhaka City, as We crossed a small river by boat. He gave me some tracts to read about Jesus.

I was a student and Muslim! I was not interested in knowing about Jesus because as a Muslim I knew that to learn about other religions was a sin.

After completing high school I went to Dhaka city to work I started working at the first Job I found, I was not happy with that job so I left from that job few months later.

Again I looked for new Job and found one with the Ministry of Lands. This one was quite suitable but there was to much corruption. I had seen my boss take bribes from a rich man then signed some papers against a poor man. The result was that the poor lost his land to the rich man. When that poor man found that he lost his land came to the office crying to every one. there was no help or justice at all no one was on his side. I had been observing the entire situation and was shocked with that.

I tried to find peace in my heart. A word came to my mind, ”you must start reading those tracts then you will have peace in your heart".

I decide to contact a Christian mission and they sent me some books to read. But I had to be very careful because my family was very religious and if any one saw that I am reading Christian books they would give me trouble. One day someone found a Christian book on my bead and gave it to my father and he asked me so many questions “why I read that” and warning me not to read the books. He took all gospel books and burned them.

Few months later I went to the next city, Khulna and met a Pastor from the Assembles of God Church. He encouraged me to know more about Jesus. I start reading the new books he gave to me about Jesus and trying to know more. On 22 November 1990 God touched my heart and I realized that I am a sinner and I needed to be repent. I already had learned that Islam can not deliver me from the penalty of my sins, Islam is a religion of practice.

From that day I have accepted Christ as my savior. When my parents found out that I had received Jesus I had to run away from my family. I went to Khulna and visited the Pastor of the A O G Church. My family found me there and attacked the church.

The pastor hid me and sent me to Dhaka city in the night. while in Dhaka I attended the Presbyterian Seminary and earned a B Th. I was rejected, neglected, and separated by my friends and relatives for many years .

While in seminary I met my wife who is also converted from Muslim background. We married in the seminary in 1992. We went to Puna-India in 1993 for our DTS training. After returning from India we continued our theological training completing it in 1994. After that I helped our local Church in Khulna. God blessed us In 1995 with a son, that we named Jeffrey J. Robin. I went to Hawaii, USA in 1996 to serve with University of the Nations as a Mission builder. From 1997 to 1999 I worked in Sydney for a friend's business and had a strong relationship with the local Presbyterian Church there.

During my time in Sydney ( AUSTRALIA) God called me back to Bangladesh and preach the good news to my own people. I departed Sydney at the end of 1999 and returned to Bangladesh. The same year I was ordained by the Bangladesh Presbyterian Church in Khulna and started working with them as principal of the Bible college . I served there till 2004 and after that I worked for another organization named "Word of Life Correspondence Course Ministry doing correspondence evangelism to the Muslim.

The great victory I had in my family two of my brothers was converted to Christ and one brother and only my sister have not converted yet. My wife's brother and two nephews also came to the Lord.

In 2008 God gave me a new vision for African Muslims, from 2009 I was in Kenya, serving as a missionary and Teaching local pastors "How they can share their faith" to the Muslim without arguing. In my life I traveled to a few countries including America, Australia, Africa and Asia also and witnessed to different tribes. By the grace of God I am now in my homeland (Bangladesh) God has given to me a wonderful ministry with many cell Churches.

My testimony

Rev. Monirul  Nanok
FCGMSB National Overseer


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