I was watching all of the pictures rotate through the main page and getting wistful. I looked at all of the great things happening worldwide in Jesus' name and thought about "what are we doing here in America?" To see people coming to Jesus from all of these cultures is so moving! We have members here who are dealing with populations of less than 1% who have ever heard of Jesus. Wow, what a marvelous work they are doing in His name and Hallelujah for the results! God Bless you for the great work you are doing among these Godless people! I wish I were that strong!

Now we come accross the water to America, land of the free, home of the spoiled! The people of the United States remind me of the rich young man in Jesus' parable. Who wants to sell everything and follow Jesus? Not many I'm afraid. When I was young, I thought that everyone at least knew the name Jesus and the spirituality behind his name. Prayer was not challenged, and most claimed some Christianity. No longer...too many think of the name Jesus as just one part of an obscene cuss word. The feel good ministers have watered down the message so completely that many so-called Christians think that hell does not exist. Americans can learn about Christ anywhere and anytime, there are many opportunities just to seek Him out with all of the media we have here. Unfortunately, the apostacy is rampant and getting worse. This could be a reason to celebrate as, doesn't all this evil and apostacy mean His return is growing nearer, yes it does. BUT, I still mourn those souls who won't make it and I mourn for our Father in Heaven who will have to make the final judgement on all of those souls who could have made it!

One of the worst fears I have for the United States is the two reigning political parties...the Republicans who claim to stand for the rights of Christians, but of whose many prominent members, many don't seem to care for God's people, and the Democrats, who claim to stand for the people but often don't stand for God. Neither party seems to hold to the ideals that Jesus taught. No matter what some would like to think, our country was found on Christian principles and therefore should have a great many saved. I no longer think so. I know it was naive of me to think that our country had an advatage. The apostacy is so huge that we are losing ground by the minute. My heart is breaking for all of the lost souls I encounter. In many cities that used to be strongholds for Christians, there are many porn shops. You can turn on the TV and see commercials that just a decade ago would have been rated R and not allowed by the networks.

Please pray for the USA as Satan has gotten an ever increasing stronghold in what used to be a very faithful country. I believe the loss of faith within our country has also caused our slow decline. We used to be the country that helped the world (and still are to some extent), but we just aren't what we used to be. Please pray for a new revival, so we can get as many souls as possible for the Lord before His return

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Comment by Timothy Cooper on February 16, 2010 at 6:36am
I sense your heart as I read your post, my heart aches as well....I love grace and mercy but may we never take it for granted. So yes brother I stand with you in Jesus Name and ask for the testimony of Jesus to shine forth in our Nation.

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