Principles of General Hermeneutics; A Portion of an ABC Lecture delivered by myself

Principles related to individual words and grammar:

1.     The meaning of any Bible term is only the one the original author intended.

2.     The definition of any term must be consistent with its use in the phrase in which it is found.

Principles related to Immediate and Book contexts:

1.     The mean8ing of a phrase must be consistent with the sense of its immediate context.

2.     The interpretation of a passage must be consistent with its usen the phrase in which it is found.

Principles related to Bible and Cultural/Historical Contexts:

1.     Scripture interprets Scripture.

       a.     The BIble is absolutely consistent and cannot contradict itself in matters of doctrine or ethics or historical fact.

       b.     The teaching of clear and multiple passages should have precedence over an apparent teaching of singular or abscure passages.

       c.     Biblical revelation was given in a progressive manner so that some passages reflect a partial teaching of truth.

       d.     A command to a group or an individual may be either a pattern for all (prescriptive) or merely the record of a historical event (descriptive).

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