Principles of Special Hermeneutics; A Portion of an ABC Lecture delivered by myself

Principles related to Figures of Speech:

1.     Every passage has only one meaning to discover. Sometimes the meaning is addressed directly, and sometimes it is stated indirectly through figures of speech.

2.     The interpreter should assume that a passage uses a non-figurative language unless this assumption creates an absurdity or the general context indicates otherwise.

3.     The BIble may overstate a truth in the physical realm to help the reader grasp a spiritual truth that is beyond his or her normal capacity to understand.

Principles related to Extended Figures of Speech

1.     A parable can teach only one central truth. All secondary truths must be consistent with that truth.

2.     A type has only one intrinsic meaning of which the anti-type is a fuller explanation.

3.     All of Christ's parables somehow relate to the theme of His kingdom.

4.     Typological interpretation cannot ignore the need for grammatical-historical exegesis.

Principles Related to Poetry, Prophecy, Historical Narratives, and Epistles.

1.     A Bible prophecy may be fulfilled in stages with centuries intervening between each phase.

2.     The prospective of the prophetic writer, though limited, is foundational to understanding the prophecy.

3.     A passage can be interpreted as an allegory ONLY when the context clearly supports this.

4.     Not all that is written in the Bible reflects normative instruction; sometimes God quotes humankind's incomplete or biased opinions.

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