We found that Jacob determined that faith of animals yet unborn. He determined those that would belong to him and those that would belong to Laban.  How do we shape the destiny of those unborn ?  Hoe do you shape the destiny of those yet to become born again and who have not joined our church ?

    1. THE FIRST WAY IS BY THE COVENANT BETWEEN YOU AND GOD ;. The future of the seed of Abraham had been settled by the covenant between God and Abraham before  the children were born. 

Gen. 12:1-3 , God had already told Abraham even before he had any child at all that through his seed shall  the nation  of the earth be blessed . Because of the covenant between God and  you then we can guarantee if the Lord tarries , our children will be greater  than us , if they belong to the church.


God told Abraham to look at the star to try to  count them. God told him that if he could count them so shall his seed be  . Your vision will determine the destiny of your children. If your vision is to eat everything you have, there will be nothing left for your children to inherit. If your vision is to struggle and be the best you can be, by the time you leave , your children will take over from where you left and continue to build on it. If you dug a hole of debt when your children take over they will first have to fill the hole before they can begin to climb  . If your vision is to be one  of the best ministers of God that  He have ever raised, your children will want to improve on what  you have done.

     1Sam. 12:27-36 . We find that because Eli dishonored God , God told him that there will never again be old man in his generation and that those who would be born in him will be hewers of wood and fetchers of water . If you dishonor God  , seeds unborn will pay for it.

       2Sam. 11:1 to 2Sam 12:14 ,We find that David looked at what he should not look at and went on to commit adultery and murder . God told him that the sword shall not depart from his family . The children of Israel are till today still paying for the sin of David . Be careful because when you sin , you are not the only one who will pay , particularly if it is the sin of adultery  . You an shape the future of your children unbor by your sin.

       1Sam. 15:1-3, We find that because Saul dishonored the man who ordained him , he ended his entire generation. Not only was the kingdom torn away from him, all his children died on the same day.  The only grand child that remained was Mephiboseth and he was a lame man and he never married . So the entire generation of  king Saul was wipe out simply because he dishonored the man that ordained him .

      The destiny of unborn children in your family is in your hand. You can shape them by the way you move close to God or by the way you move away from Him . The destiny of those who are yet to join your church are in your hands . You can shape them in the way  of  holiness as you live holy . You can , however , also lead them in the way of corruption as you dilute the word of God to suit your purpose .

Every step you in life be it right or wrong will determine the future of your unborn children.

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