The checks and Balances of Boundaries and Jurisdictions placed on Mankind

We read in scripture that it states- "Let us make man in our image and our likeness."

With such instructions, it's no wonder that whether guided or misguided we return the favor to indicate that we either love God through loving our neighbor or hate God through hating our neighbor.

In both case of behavioral response, we are in reality returning a favor of our choosing; God the Father made us that way so we can't but behave as modified: "You are Gods but you shall die as men."

Most who choose to not believe in a Creator possessing the characteristics conferred upon human beings, interpret the statement that the acknowledging of God as a by product of human imagination is a defense to prove His non-existence.  In reality the statement is a byproduct of man's imagination in preference: it's about me and no one else.  This imagination has been placed within man which derives it's power to initiate such concepts relative to free will and it's freedom to choose but the Creator Himself.  This freedom to choose is either one detrimental or beneficial to man who has been created in God's image and after His likeness.


Even our Creator displays the same resistance to any other authority outside Himself by Being the Only One and assuring He Alone Is God.  Unfortunately because Man came into existence after God His Creator, he may have hints, glimpses, and longings for such a status but It Belongs Only to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Their can only be One God.  Yes, we are allowed to see his qualities and quantities but that is all.  We can not be allowed to stand up against our Creator and kick Him off the throne or drag Him before a council to impeach Him or have it our way beyond earthly jurisdiction.


God the Father has assured Mankkind: the roaring waves of the Ocean that pound away on the cliffs at the seashore, do not extend beyond the boundaries it has been allowed to breach...this far but no further.


Again and lastly, we may imagine we can for we are allowed to contemplation the effects from having eternity placed within us by God, but to physically and actually grab a hold of all the power and authority to claim status above Christ...........nah, it ain't going to happen.  Jesus Christ did the necessary to guarantee that it doesn't.


I'm glad to know that the Father through Jesus Christ has establish the checks and balances to keep all earthly storms from any further spread than the time allowed for them to run their course.

Believe it or not, choose to accept or not, that's the Way it is.

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