The Rhetorical Nature of the 21st Century Church

Does anybody out there agree with me that the Church in its current state should be the concern of every true believer. I am mostly concerned with the rhetorical nature of modern day Christianity. In particular, I am seriously concerned about the erosion of the WORD of God in the Church. When I gave my life to The Lord in 1981, the WORD of God was the pivot upon which church life and activities revolved. The primacy of the WORD of God was evident and remained the sustaining anchor that kept people in the faith. What I see today is a Church that is opting for the spectacular, opulence, deliverance for deliverance sake, divination in the name of prophecy and word of knowledge, prosperity gospel that enriches the fat cats of Christendom. The irony is that the riches advocated by these preachers are only seen in their own lives while the rest of the congregation are manipulated to give and give, even if their bank balances are deep into the red. Am I the only one seeing these ungodly acts which are diametrically opposed to the Church Jesus died for. If you feel this way, engage with me, dialogue with me, raise a prayer point. The unadulterated WORD of the Living God must be preeminent in the life of the Church. What are your own particular concerns and what are you personally going to do about it? I await your response.

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Comment by Dr. Henry, President of the AOCI on May 23, 2015 at 8:48pm

Amen Dr. Amechi, I agree with you wholeheartedly.  The state of the church is apathetic and disconnected from true preaching and teaching of HIS word.  God bless you, your family, and your ministry.  

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