God’s Sovereign Acts in Protection and Deliverance of His Covenant People in the Book of Esther. Though God is not mentioned in this Book yet His Sovereign Acts of Protection and Deliverance are displayed many times. God through Foreknowledge knew that wicked Haman intended to hang Mordecai and destroy the Children of Israel, so God worked well in advance to bring the wicked plans and plots to naught!

God raised Esther, an orphan girl to become the Queen of a great King. God placed her in a strategic position so that she could be instrumental in bringing deliverance for His people Israel – 2: 10-20            THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGHNLY!  HALLELUJAH!                                                                                     Now trace the Sovereign Acts of God to Protect and Deliver His Covenant man Mordecai and Israel, His Covenant People from wicked Haman. Haman was the right hand man of King Ahasuerus while Mordecai used to sit at the King’s gate.  All the servants bowed before Haman every day when he passed by except Mordecai because he was a Jew in Covenant with God. This irritated Haman and he planned to destroy all the Jews.  Haman very cunningly tricked the King into agreeing to have all the Jews destroyed on a particular day.  Letters were sent out to the King’s Provinces to kill all Jews.  When Mordecai heard of this, he rent his garments and cried unto the Lord. He also sent word to Esther to appeal to the King and stop this plan from working.   Esther suggested that she and her servants would fast and pray for 3 days  and nights without food or drink and she wanted all the Jews to fast and pray for the King’s favor when she approached the King. This is an important key to gain God’s favor and as Christians we should resort to fasting and praying when we are faced with the difficult situations.                                                                        Fasting is not to make God change His mind but it is to humble ourselves before Him and to change us so we can hear from Him and to ask for His Mercies and His Favor in that particular situation. As Born-again Christians we should at least once a week fast and pray as part of our disciplined Christian life. When we thus humble ourselves we should spend more time in Bible reading and in prayer.  When Esther gained the King’s favor, she invited the King & Haman to dinner and that made proud Haman happy as he was the only Guest at this dinner. Esther again invited the King and Haman the following night as well for dinner. However, Haman’s happiness was clouded when he saw Mordecai not bowing before him when he passed by and he told this to his wife.  His wife suggested: prepare gallows for Mordecai and have him hanged & then go happily to dinner again with the King and Queen.                                                                            WATCH THE TURN OF EVENTS AFTER THAT PERIOD OF FASTING & PRAYER! That night the King could not sleep and so he went through the Records - 5: 11-15                                                                                         THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY!  HALLELUJAH!                                                                                       The King discovers that when there was a plot against his life and two men were hanged but there was no record of any reward given to Mordecai who revealed this plot. Early in the morning the King decides to reward Mordecai and at that precise time Haman comes to the King’s court! – 6: 1-5                                    THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY!  HALLELUJAH!                                                                                        The King asks Haman what should be done for the man whom the King delights to honor? Being proud and full of self, he thought the King wanted to do something for him and answered: the man whom the King delights to honor should be dressed with the King’s robes, wearing the King’s Crown and ride the King’s horse and be led by the King’s most Noble Prince through the Streets.  The King tells Haman to do all this for Mordecai and Haman being his most Noble Prince to lead Mordecai through the streets – 6: 4- 12         THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY!  HALLELUJAH!  HALLELUJAH!!                                                     Haman covers his head with shame, reports all to be done to his wife and she makes a profound statement:  IF MORDECAI IS OF THE SEED OF THE JEWS, YOU SHALL NOT PREVAIL!                                                          In the midst of discussions Haman had to leave again to dine with the King and Queen. The King asks Esther what is her request and she declares that she and all her people are to be destroyed and that Haman planned it all – 7: 1-6 Now the King was very angry with Haman and at this point one Chamberlain informs the King that gallows are standing in Haman’s house for Mordecai and the King orders Haman to be hanged on it – 7: 7-10 THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY!  HALLELUJAH!!   HALLELUJAH!!  Now Esther declared her relationship to Mordecai and they were given the house of Haman, his ring and his office.  Letters went out telling the Jews in every Province to fight back if they are attacked  and possess the belongings of the attackers!   EVERYTHING WAS REVERSED!!  8, 9, 10 chapters                                          THIS IS GOD AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY!   HALLELUJAH!!   HALLELUJAH!!                                             

Beloved, God never Slumbers nor Sleeps! Our God SEES all things,  KNOWS all things and HEARS all things and He Only can make all things work together for our good! Romans 8: 28                                         No weapon formed against His People can prosper! Isa. 54: 17                                                                               The Lord brings the counsel of the heathen to naught.  Psalm 33: 10                                                                  Believer, when you find the enemy has set a trap for your downfall & there seems to be no way out,                look up and call on your Covenant-Keeping God.  Through Foreknowledge He has planned for your  protection and deliverance! TRUST GOD!                                                                                                                    Are you in Covenant with GOD through the PRECIOUS,  HOLY, SINLESS, BLOOD-SACRIFICE of JESUS CHRIST on the CROSS OF CALVARY?                                                                                                                        Fast & pray, a sure way to Experience God’s Sovereign way of Protection & Deliverance for you!                  LET GO AND TRUST GOD TO WORK OUT THE DETAILS!                                                                                      He will do more than you can ask or think for He Loves You and has Plans for You and there are no demons or men that can STOP GOD’S PURPOSES BEING ACCOMPLISHED IN YOUR LIFE! OUR GOD IS HOLY, AND JUST AND RIGHTEOUS!                                                                                                                                            God is the same even today for He never makes a mistake Seeing the End from the Beginning. Beloved, read the Book of Esther and be blessed!                                                                                                            Margaret Wright

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