TEXT: EXODUS 14: 21-31

INTRO: The Word of God is no stranger to references and
instances concerning the breathe - wind of the Holy Ghost
Gen2:7 "Breathed into Adam the breath of life
Ezek 37 "prophesy unto the wind "breathe upon these slain
that they may live, and the breath came unto them
and they lived"
Job: "the breath of the Almighty hath given us life"
John20:22 "Jesus came into the midst of the disciples and
He breathed on them, "receive ye the Holy Ghost"
Acts 2 - disciples were gathered in upper room praying
"there was a sound as a mighty rushing wind"

When God breathes on someone or some thing, there are
certain undeniable, unalterable evidences that will be present.
it does not matter if He breathes on a saint, sinner or situation,
remarkable changes will take place.

Has God ever breathed on you?
Have you ever known the warming breath of God as He
breathed life and sweet peace into your dead, dark-depraved
Has God ever parted any Red Seas in your life?

Here was a life and death situation. One the Egyptian side of
the Red sea, there was imminent death. The enemy was
bearing down on a hopeless, helpless and defenseless people.
One the other side of the Red sea was life, liberty and freedom.
Only one obstacle stood in the way. One great big seemingly
unmovable Red Sea.


A) This Separation was Overwhelming (14:21)
"and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind"
"Overwhelming" means "that the sea yielded all its natural
attributes and powers to a greater power".

******Likewise, the breath of God overwhelmed the womb of
a virgin named Mary, and it yielded to a greater power
*****Likewise, God breathed on a locked in system called time.
and time got so full it had to unlock its doors and allow the
only begotten Son of God to come in!!!!

B) This Separation was Overthrowing (15: 9-10)
"The Enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the
spoil, my lust shall be satisfied upon them. I will draw my sword,
my hand shall destroy them. Thou didst blow with thy wind, the
sea covered them. They sank as lead in the mighty waters"
Notice 4 I will's 3 my's, the wind blew, sea covered, sank

****Everything that was a walkway of deliverance to Israel,
now became a wall of death and destruction to the enemy
****What God did with the Red Sea is exactly what He does
with the Blood. That blood is a force that will either convert
or condemn you

****Notice also in 15:5 "they sank to the bottom as stones"
This represents the fallacy of works and false religious
efforts to get to heaven. You cannot cross God's Red Sea
without the breath of God and He will not breathe on false
religions and self works.

15:8 "and with the blast of His nostrils the waters were gathered
together, the floods stood upright as an heap, and the depths were
congealed in the heart of the sea"

A) He Stabilized the Passageway
Notice that these people would have surely perished, had it
not been for God who breathed on their situation. They had
1) No time (up against wall, 3 million people, 12 hours)
2) No talents (land fairing, no knowledge or skills in
ship building - ship to hold 3 million people?)
3) No tools (had been slaves in the mud pits - 400 years)

****Moses said, "stand still-see salvation of the Lord"

1) God blasted the waters with His Breath
"and with the blast of His nostrils"
2) God built the waters with His Breath
"and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand
and on their left - floods stood upright as a heap"
3) God bonded the waters with His Breath
"and the depths were congealed in the heart of the sea"
the word"congealed" means "to make liquid into solid"

B) He Stabilized the People

1) God became their Fierce Fighter
14:4 "the Lord shall fight for you"
2) God became their Firm Foundation
14:29 "but the children of Israel walked upon dry land
in the midst of the sea"
On Christ the solid rock I stand
3) God became their Foremost Freedom
15:13 "thou in thy mercy has led forth the people which
thou has redeemed"


A) Salvation from Bondage
God told Moses at Burning Bush "I have heard the cries of
my people". Deity always hears and honors desperation.

1) Bondage of Darkness (turned off lights in Egypt)
2) Bondage of Death (blood)
3) Bondage of Despair(400 years in slavery – no one there
who knew what freedom even felt like. God did not
redeem them in Egypt - but out of Egypt

B) Salvation from Burdens
mud pits, miry clay, cruel taskmasters, pain of the whip
never known anything but pain, suffering, captivity
no hope, help, honor - doomed to die under heavy burdens
But God breathed on their burdens - Lifted at Calvary
also erased burden of past life - depths of the sea
couldn't go back to Egypt even if they wanted to - wasn't
any Egypt to go back to!!!!

C) Salvation from Barriers
barrier of judgment in front of them - Red Sea
barrier of judgment on both sides - mountain 6000 ft
barrier of judgment behind them - Egyptian army

It would take a miracle for them to get out of Egypt alive

That is exactly what they got. God breathed out and parted the
Red Sea, dried the ground to hold the weight of 3 million people,
and breathed in and sucked the wheels off the Egyptian chariots
and buried the past judgment.

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