After I prayed the “Prayer Against Trauma/Traumatic Experiences” by Art Mathias, God gave me a word for me, and a word for you, so I am sharing your word with you. Be encouraged, know, and NEVER forget, God is with you, NO MATTER what you go through; RUN to God (Jesus) and not man/woman – God has His outstretched arms waiting to receive you; to hide you from the storms of life, so you will be able to face ANYTHING that comes, with His peace!! Jesus is your way of escape, from WHATEVER you are facing right now; RUN to Him, so He can take you to the Father!! Jesus is the ONLY Way to the Father!! If you don’t Jesus as YOUR personal Lord and Savior, click here to accept Him now!!

What we go through does not cancel out God’s promise of being with us; He is still there!! David asked in Psalms 139:7, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?” God is Omnipresence and Omniscience; God is all-present, and all-knowing; He is everywhere at the same time, and He is aware of the past, present, and future!! WHEREVER we are, God is right there!! Holy Spirit open our eyes, so we can see God!!

God is an AWESOME God Who loves us so very much; we cannot even fathom the love God has for us; our minds are incapable of even understanding God’s love for us, without God giving us a revelation of His love for us!! God sent His Only Son Jesus, to show us how much He loves us, and want fellowship with us but we still have not fully grasped God’s love for us!! God wants to fellowship with us as He did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve!! God’s love for us is UNCONDITIONAL; NO MATTER what we go through, it will NOT stop God from loving us!! God is with us through EVERY STORM, EVERY WIND, EVERY RAIN, EVERY TRIAL, EVERY TRIBULATION, EVERYTHING we go through, God is right there!!

God is right there with His arms stretched out to us, wanting us to look in His direction for safety; God wants us to RUN to Him for safety and shelter – God is our Shelter in the time of the storm, NOT A MAN OR WOMAN!! As the Word says, we have not because we ask not!! God is THERE, RIGHT THERE, in the midst of your trial, in the midst of that pain in your body, in the midst of circumstances, and situations that your human mind is seeing as hopeless!! But just reach out to Jesus, He is there waiting, Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart and saying, “Come to Me, and I will give you rest!” Can’t you hear Jesus calling you? Can’t you hear Jesus calling you to come out the storm and let Him be your Shelter?

I pray that God will open your ears, that the Holy Spirit will open you heart, so you can hear Jesus calling you, drawing you, to come to Him, so He can give you rest, and take you unto the Father, so you can have that renewed fellowship with the Father!!

I pray also, that you will never again ask the question, “God, where are You?” or blame God again for any evil the devil do!! God is there, you just ran away from God, instead of running to Him; you went left, when you should have went right. So just stop, listen to Holy Spirit, and allow Him to direct you in God’s direction! I pray this prayer for you, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!!

God’s Blessings to each of you, and your families, and friends!!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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