my writing- Four minutes of Humility-Heaven can wait

Four Minutes of Humility

       Heaven Can Wait

               Jacob Seth



If you do not believe in the 5 fold ministry as a balance that makes Completeness in the Ministry, Please stop reading and throw this away , delete it, because you might get offended . If what I say offends you, [O1] than it is probably the Holy Spirit talking, so pipe down and listen.

I believe in the alignment of the 5 fold ministry and that it should all align with the scriptures, Gods Holy words.

Now this is my story, not someone else, and I don’t need your opinion or advice, nor do you need to correct me, or send hateful mail, Etc. if you feel that way then you might be harboring a resentment or Unforgiveness which is a Sin, according to the whole word of Scriptures. (So stop reading and move on)

I believe in Prophecy, and all of the spiritual Gifts given by the Holy Spirit, I speak against False Prophets, False Teachers, Jezebel Spirits and Religious Spirit. (Many unknowing have some sort of Religious spirit)  I believe in Modern day Prophets that bear Fruit- “You shall know them by their Fruit”   

 I and my friends had done a deep study more than two years in scriptures on what are false Prophet & Teachers.

I am telling my story and leading up to 4 minutes of Humility and Heaven can wait. Knowing somewhat of my background plays into How God can use the least likely.





                             Biographic & Geographic

Growing up in a large East Coast City never prepare, or had phantom a thought of being the man I am today. I never knew where life would take me, I grew up in a world of Fear and Violence.

I understood what Racial and Religious discrimination was, I am white and was an Italian Catholic living in Jewish neighbors and my neighborhood became filled with new cultural indifference of African American and Puerto Rican,, I was bullied cause I was white and called a Jew, even that I wasn’t Jewish.

I would go as often as I could to the Italian neighborhoods and learned a Mafia Mentality. Both My parents had passed away 8 months apart, my sibling who lived on the west coast came and because I was a minor at the time I had no choice, me and another sibling had to go with them, moving 3,000 miles away during my teen years away from my birth place, my home that I lived for most of my life.






                                   A Whole New World


Wow, talk about Cultural shock, I was more in the thought that I would see stage coaches and horses all over the place.

My experiences of my past does not exhort God, So don’t Judge me by my past, I don’t live there anymore.

My sibling introduce me to recreational drugs, and moved me into a Hippie Commune out in a rural farm land.

I didn’t know I was in mourning over the death of my parents, I felt lost with no sense of what my future would be like. I had no motivation, no friends, no mentors and no direction from an adult on what to do.

I sort of friended a man that I almost killed at the commune, talk me into hitch hiking to California, and he stopped at a church where he once helped in the mail room, stopped to see a friend knew.

It is a well know church in Orange County, California, this man I was traveling with seem more like a homeless man. He didn’t come off as a believer or Christian, but his relatives we stay at for a few days certain where. When I moved on back north they gave me Money for food.

It was part of those many encounters moments were God help me or talked with me through other people.




                              First Encounters of my High Power


Before Hitch hiking to California, I would have to hitch hike into the city, during that time I would run into an occasional Jesus freak trying to witness to me. And this continue after I left the commune and moved in with my other sibling who was even more lost then me.   Walking in the park mediating and trying to figure out what to do in life, I seem to attract theses Jesus freaks actually I thought they were queer/gay , but they always asked if I knew Jesus as my savior, once in a blue moon I say yes to get rid of them.

One day this man stopped me walking down the street, I kinder got brainwash into some missionary campus, ,  I had went back to school but I had to leave that group, my lust for the opposite sex had overwhelmed, I felted hypocrite in my Sin.

I was suicidal at the time, I joined the Marines, hoping to die for my Country. On one of the Military base I went to talk with a Chaplain, he was a civilian chaplain, I felt peace taking with him, and after a few weeks I walked in asking how I can be baptize and I was in the swimming pool of MRCD, San Diego, California.

But my faith was short lived as sin overtook me, Lust and drinking alcohol became more and more I was escaping from nightmares and flashbacks from a mission I had been involved with, was reason I was seeing that chaplain.

It wasn’t long before a Christian Marine AKA Jesus freak got talking with me, we travel together to another base once a month for weekend duty at MCAS, Yuma, Ariz.

This encounter of meeting his parents, very church going Christians, I had bought them this large 100 dollar bible because they were so loving and kind to me, on one of these visit they asked if we wanted to go to church, we went and I didn’t know it was only Spanish speaking and we had crossed over the border to Mexico.. I was freaking out a little that we crossed over, a marine with needed to be back on base by morning, well I felt something there, and at times understood what was being said. They were praying in Spanish over this lady and I was pulled to lay my handover her with all the other hands ,, and felt this energy, peace love… then I didn’t know what it was,, Today I know it was the Holy Spirit.


Even though I backslide off and on allot during the next few years, God had given me countless encounters of meeting people or Angels, to help me get on the path.



                                                 The Gift

I tried at times to pin point when I received my 1st gift of the Holy Spirit, learned that it’s been years into making, and molding the wonderful gifts, and if you ask me today or 20 years from now, I will say I am stilling learning, still be molded. With time and age I feel a bit more mature each new day, from my earliest years I thought I had ESP and Psychic powers. I read many books on those subject and it didn't quite fit the things I was experiencing, I knew things about people, or knew things were going to happen.   God had worked hard pulling weeds out of me from 1993 till present, and know he’s not done with me or you. I had just fathered a 5th child into my life, and lost my Job of 9 years due to compulsive addictive behaviors and being Disable, which brought me to a 12 step program. I had been in Church for 3 years before that.

Thanking God I had some sort of foundation that kept me sane and kept me from hurting others. The next 5 years I was quite a wild stallion with my gifting, not knowing how to properly use it, especially the right way… I needed bridling, a bit, a trainer.

A chance of faith, or destiny, well I moved into an apartment had gotten joint custody of my 2 youngest boys, went to a church close by to use their food bank and this lady prayed over me and prophesied. I started going to that non-denominational charismatic Holy Spirit filled church, way out of any box I was ever around…

I was thrilled what was going on and asked a man to be my spiritual father ,, wow gave me a book by one of my now favorite authors’,, his book talked about that wild stallion-Me,,,

I had received the Holy Spirit and many things changed and many attacks from the enemy began. I meant some people there who invited me to their group of Eagles, they prayed and trained in the prophetic and each helped to enhance each other’s gift.

One of the things I had been over was prophesied that I would be writing on the Operation of the Holy Spirit.

I have mature much in my gifting, still hanging around people who have not just gifting like me but those who make up a 5 fold ministry, when we are together I feel we are completing that 5 fold operation of the Holy Spirit.

There is so much more I can share on the blessed gift given to this man, one who least likely be the one for God to use.



                               Four Minutes of Humility

Heaven can wait, I am not in any rush, God told me he’s not done with me, I would love to be there full time, but many are chosen and few answer the call.  Some Seerers and Prophets will speak about the visions and dreams of being in Heaven, and describing what it is like, I am one of those, you heard those stories of those who died and came back , I am one of those, many came back describing detail of Heaven, and what’s it like, I did Not.. I had already been there before. But there are days which the door opens and God speaks through me.

My story starts when I first married my wife in 2010…. God blew us away, he showed up many times, his son Jesus Aka Yahsura   also showed up and of course the Holy Spirit. We had our Hebrew Teacher living with us who witness these encounters, and some of our friends who visit us throughout the last 3 plus years also witness these encounters and we discerned by the blood and name of Jesus and casting out anything that does not come by that name...

He told us back then that he was preparing my body for his Glory, during that time while waiting we did much advance study and started a home Church. And he called us to go on the road to conferences to make us be known,, slowly I am understanding that, and call us to go work with Native Americans,, wow, talk about being out of comfort zone, knowing nothing about that culture. In Two years and we made many friends in that community and networking with many other churches. In February 2013 one of my Native American Colleague Passed away due to a Heart Attack, Many of his friends are my friends, colleagues and associated know. I watched his Memorial we deep honor & respect. And mourned deeply in my heart.

That is what the Native American community was doing when I showed up at events and conference giving me Honor & Respect... I am Jacob Eagle Heart, I am Native at heart and grafted into that community.

In March 2013 I had an Heart Attack, my heart ended in A-Fib (beating faster than it’s suppose too) they plan a Cardio Version to shock my heart back into beat,,,

God had prepare me & my wife for this, knowing that for a millet of a second my heart would be stopped and rebooted in a second…

The day before God spoke through me telling us both to have that increase faith because you’re going to die tomorrow, we knew that, we thought,

Aug 19 2013 VA Hospital -simple cardio version done thousands of time before...

It had been 6 months or longer that they had a Code BLUE

I Flat Line for about 4 minutes about 12 people trying to get my heart to beat again.

 4 minutes I was without heartbeat, I was in technical terms Dead, my brain without heart technical was not receiving air

They restored my heart and sent to Local Hospital ICU, Decision was made to put in pacemaker, Took 4-5 hours surgery, the ICU Staff did not think I make in through the night, I was in Coma 3days, tube taken out spent total 10 days in Hospital

I talked with the Chaplain there I  was in shock and disappoint that I didn’t see the light and all the other things people saw , then I was reminded by God I had been there before..

According to the Chaplain he reminded me that the staff and everyone there sees me as a Miracle.

Also I was later told that because of the lack of air going to my brain the Doctors didn't think I have any memory at all…

What I experience was I was Covered by this wing, and God said I am with you, I’M not done with you, I kept hearing Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Romans 8 and the Lord’s prayer. All of that repeated and I felt peace and told to rest, I will never leave you or forsake you

What I learned, my 4 minutes of Humility

Cherish every moment and every person in your life, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone

Heaven can wait

He’s not done with me and he’s not done with you.














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